what is the work of App and how to use for this App and Provide the information for App and user take the information and work on this App


The user logs into the system by entering login name and password in the text input fields provided, then selects the Login button. On successful login, users are presented with their Home Page and If incorrect or outdated data is entered, an appropriate Information message will be displayed.

Get Status

There are many aspects like RTI, Applications, Complaint etc. about which user can apply/complaint using the Uttar-A app or website. Now this app provides feature of tracking status of user's application or complaint,User can also track the shifting of their application.


1.This app is intended to provide maximum infortion at public.
2.There are some aspects which needs user to be a registed user.
3.For registration there are simple steps which ask user some neccessary information.
4.By registring a user becomes use feature which are not at public domain.


Track the application and Show the Total application Registerd and Sanctioned,Rejected,Pending and Total Complaints and Total Service through this App .

UTTARA-m Mobile Application

What is UTTARA-m App?

Universal Timely and Transparent handling of Applications and Responses (to Applications) has been designed and developed as an online solution. With the aim of facilitating an enabling environment for enforcing âRight to Responseâ in the government functioning. It will empower the citizens as they will get a right to seek response from the offices in a timely and transparent manner. UTTARA will facilitate receiving of the application for response and then its response by the designated office within a time-bound manner. It will allow the identification of the offices that are not responding to the applications of the residents. Uttara records all letters (applications, complaints, grievances, suggestions, instructions etc.) coming to any office.

What are the features of the App?

  1. Can register their applications (WE ARE BEING HEARD; ADMINISTRATION IS LISTENING).
  2. No need to visit office.
  3. Save Money and Time.
  4. Can easily know application status.
  5. Hassle free.
  6. 24X7 access.
  7. Transparent process.
  8. SMS notification at all key stages.

How can I download the App?

If you have configured your gmail account with play store app on your device then.
  1. Open play store app of your device/ Mobile
  2. Go for Apps
  3. Type "m-UTTAR-A Mitra" into search box and press search icon
  4. App will be on screen. Varify app by seeing publisher name as "National Informatics Center Bhopal"
  5. Click on app logo and click on install button
  6. Accept for app permissions app will be installed on your app

How can I use the App?

Open app by clicking on app icon on your device screen.
  1. Home page will be launched
  2. Now select as per your need from home screen
  3. You can view lot of information without any login
  4. If any operation requires login then please login and go forward

Objective of mUttara?

  1. Citizen can register their Applications (WE ARE BEING HEARD; ADMINISTRATION IS LISTENING).
  2. Tracking of Citizen Applications easily.
  3. No need to frequent visit to office.
  4. Birds eye real time view of the Office/Department.
  5. Reduce unnecessary interference.
  6. Transparent process.

So ready to download this app?

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