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Uttara web enabled application is created to make Citizen services more convenient and for the Office head who monitor Complaints / Request /Queries and track Complaints/ Request /Queries online received to his Office.

Uttara records all letters (applications, complaints, grievances, suggestions, instructions etc.) coming to any office. Javak panji does the same for all such letters/Applications/Reply/Demand going out of the office.

Currently this process is manually entered in two registers named “avak panji” and “javak panji”.

System helpful for Citizen

  • Can register their applications (WE ARE BEING HEARD; ADMINISTRATION IS LISTENING)
  • No need to visit office
  • Economic
  • Hassle free
  • 24X7 easy access
  • Transparent process
  • SMS notification at all key stages

System helpful for Administrators/Officers

  • Birds eye real time view of the Office/Department
  • Direct control on applications/Letters
  • Helps in work load distribution
  • Easy application/record tracing
  • Direct impact on performance
  • Reduce unnecessary interference
  • 24X7 easy access
  • Easy know the history of movement of any Letters

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